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CB Radio Repair Detroit

CB service, service, service... That is what we are here for.   We do cb repair on all types of radios - hand helds, mobiles, and base radios..  even marine radios

We can do cb repair alignments, which will  improve your transmit and receive, and lower your splatter from channel to channel.  

Modifications can also be done to your cb radio.  many types, including lowering noise reductions on certain cb radios, will help you hear better and lower static noises.  

We also carry noise filters in a variety of amperages, to lower the noise from alternator whine, which is very common.  for example, hearing noise increase during acceleration, hearing your signal indicators come through your cb radio, etc.

Cost of cb repairs depends on what you are having done. cost of  alignments are generally $40, on am radios or single side band.  

Bad solders on the board of the radio is generally $30-35, depending on how bad the repair is. 

Mic repairs start at $10..  we can also replace your entire cord, if you have a microphone worth saving.  

We can replace meters, lights, change the color of your lights or led's, replace your old covers...  give your cb radio a face lift.

Replace power chassis jacks, change your chassis mic connector to the popular 4 pin, to make it easier for you to buy stock microphones, without always having a mic wire change.

Our pl259 connectors are top grade and we can replace your old crimped on connectors or broken connectors, outside on your semi's, without replacing the entire run of coax, as long as the coax is in good shape.

CB repair is our business.  we take great pride in our cb radio repair, and look forward to helping your with your specific needs. 

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